Family Well-Being Program
Doodem Mino Bemaadzing Nokiiwin Naakingewin

An early intervention program grounded in Anishinabek culture, values, language, and traditions.

Programming designed to improve the outcomes and opportunities for children and youth by encouraging the use of wholistic, community-driven approaches that help keep our children connected to their families, communities, and culture.

Minimize the risk of involvement in child welfare through:
  • Support;
  • Culturally-based resources; and
  • Capacity-building training.

We address the root cause(s) of violence and trauma, and reduce the over representation of Anishinabek children and youth in child welfare and youth justice systems.

Core Components

Family Well-Being Workers

Supporting the unique needs and requests of Anishinabek communities - Family Well-Being Workers bring traditional knowledge to the forefront of the community, so that it can be passed down for generations to come.

Safe Spaces

Supporting the development of safe spaces, where community can gather and support prevention and early intervention efforts.

Community-Based Programming

Programming for children, youth, and families who have experience(s) or are at-risk of violence - designed to suit the needs of each Anishinabek First Nation.

The Anishinabek Nation Giizisoo Mzinigan is a publication of the Family Well-Being Program.

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