Anishinabek Child, Youth,and Family Well-Being System

Anishinabek Nation Children’s Commissioner Duke Peltier and Former Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Glen Hare celebrating the launch of Koganaawsawin at the July 2019 Grand Council Assembly. Photo by Laura Barrios.

The Anishinabek Child, Youth, and Family Well-Being System consists of:
  • Anishinabek First Nations that enact the Anishinabek Nation Child Well-Being Law;
  • Child well-being agencies;
  • Koganaawsawin; and
  • The Anishinabek Nation Children’s Commissioner.

Law-Making Authority

First Nation governance and child, youth, and family well-being is entrusted to the Chief and Council of the Anishinabek First Nation by its First Nation members. Koganaawsawin has no law-making authority over child, youth, and/or family well-being.

Child well-being agencies are responsible for the day-to-day delivery of protection and other services authorized by the First Nations served.

In June of 2021, Canada and the Anishinabek Nation signed an Agreement-in-Principle on Anishinabek Child, Youth and Family Well-Being that supports the Anishinabek Nation in creating its own system and delivering the programs and services required to keep Anishinabek children within Anishinabek families and communities.

Through the Anishinabek Child, Youth, and Family Well-Being System, Anishinabek First Nations will develop and deliver the programs and services they determine are needed to support the well-being of Anishinaabe children, youth, and families.

Duke Peltier

Anishinabek Nation Children's Commissioner