Anishinabek Nation Circle Process

The Anishinabek Nation Circle Process (Circle Process or ANCP) is a culturally-based, voluntary, child-centered, confidential circle, providing Anishinabek First Nation families with the support needed to create a plan that address child and youth well-being issues.

Guiding Principles

This non-judgmental approach assists Anishinabek children, youth and families in creating solutions to family conflict, provided in a safe space, using the guiding principles of:

  • Teachings;
  • Flexibility;
  • Adaptability to the child/youth and family;
  • Neutrality; and
  • Connection to community and culture.

The Circle Process can be accessed at any step of the care process, utilizes the Anishinabek Nation Child Well-Being Law, and supports Anishinabek families that are involved or at-risk of becoming involved in child protection matters.

Our Training

ANCP Training is delivered in two one-week periods, totaling 60 hours across 10 sessions.

  • ELDERS co-facilitate with Lead, and Regional Circle Process Facilitators in all Circles.

    Applicants are Indigenous with lived experience. They are recognized and endorsed by their community as a support.

  • FACILITATORS, upon community requests, can be scheduled for Circles that do not involve the court system within their respective region.

    Applicants are Indigenous and possess relevant experience such as social services, law, mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), etc.

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