First Nation Representative Support

The Band Representative Liaison supports Anishinabek First Nation Representative in their role(s) by providing and developing resources and/or training to build capacity and collaboration in child well-being, and community development. As well as staying informed on legislative changes, and policy and program development by engaging in consultation with the Anishinabek Nation, federal and provincial governments, child well-being agencies, legal representatives, and other child welfare stakeholders.

First Nation Representative Contact List

Anishinabek First Nation Representative Programs are growing, and so is our First Nation Representative Contact List - a communication tool used to inform Anishinabek First Nation Representatives of new initiatives, changes in legislation, training and employment opportunities, and/or funding opportunities.

New to the Anishinabek First Nation Representative Program or need to update your contact information?
Contact Noreen Conway, Band Representative Liaison at [email protected].

Funding Opportunities

Indigenous Services Canada Capital (ISC) Funding

Supports costs of capital assets needed for the delivery of First Nation Child, Youth and Family Services to First Nations children, youth, and families on-reserve.

Post-Majority Support Services

For youth aging out of care or young adults formerly in-care. Funding is at actuals from age of majority up to the age of 26.

Jordan's Principle

Helps First Nation children access products and services such as: speech therapy, educational supports, medical equipment, mental health services, and more.

Prevention-Focused Customary Care

Supports children and youth with access to prevention-focused alternative caregiving arrangements that support family well-being before protection concerns arise.